• The Sacred & Spacious

    To be held and supported in the last phase of our life is a sacred service.
    To have space to feel safe and enjoy the precious time we have left in joy and peace.

“Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day.”

Thomas S. Monson

End Of Life Support

My name is Joya.
I am here to support you or your loved ones through very sacred space, the final phase in life.
It is with the utmost honour that I can be with you in this stage to help guide you through the necessities of the physical world but also to hold space for you to truly find what is precious and to have as much time as possible to spend with what is most important to you till the end of your life.

What is a Death Doula?

There are many transitions in life that each individual experiences.
Many of these transitions are prepared for by either spending time researching or with the help of others who may have the expertise to support or assist us through these passages.
It is ever more important to have support at the end phase of our lives, a time that is often filled with grief, fear and uncertainty.
Having someone who understands and identifies what needs are required will help to create space for a person to spend the time focusing on what is most important to them with the time they have left.

As an End of Life Doula, my intention is to work as a compassionate advocate for a person’s final wishes.
I act as a guide to help with advanced planning, information, education, support and care.
This can be as simple as assisting those who are confused about their will or planning the funeral or living wake to more in depth support including preparing to die at home and/or organising a vigil, to holding space for emotions and beliefs.

Talking about dying is a topic often avoided and planning is unfortunately left until the last minute.
It is my aim to help discern what is most important to a person and help them to take the steps needed to organise and prepare, meaning that the time left is spent where one really wants to be.

Preparing for death is something we will all have to do. No matter what stage of life you are in, I am happy to help you prepare in advance so everything is taken care of and life can be spent in sacredness and space.


As a Death Doula, my main role is to be an ally and advocate for those who are walking on the final path of their journey.
It is not up to me to tell someone how they ‘should’ die.
It is each individual’s right to die as they need or want to die.
My place in a person’s life is to create a space to understand what a person wants most in the last phase of their life.
What wishes might there be that will help to create a calm and peaceful experience for someone, including their loved ones?
What lasting memories would someone like to leave with the ones they love who will endure when they have passed?
What things need to be done so that the mind can be free of concern or stress so that the Heart can be liberated and expressed, and so that the body can let go in peace?

Each person will have a different story to tell, a different way to share their final moments.
I am here to help provide this sacred space and do my best to foster calm peace and love.
I am here to be of service and to offer a space of love in this sacred space.

When someone is dying there is always a crowded space that grows with grief, fear, mourning and most of all confusion.
These are all natural experiences and emotions and concerns that require space to be seen and heard and felt.
It is difficult in busy modern times to have the space to share these feelings with each other, there is always a lot to do: who is taking care of them next? What time is their next medication? Who is going to make the difficult decisions? What will we do with all of their belongings? What kind of service do they want? What are their beliefs? Cremation? Burial? Eco-friendly?
All these questions are difficult for each family member or friend to brace.
My aim is to understand exactly what each person desires and help to plan in advance so that when the time comes all is taken care of in a way that provides a clear space for those grieving.

What do I need?

We are all individuals. What each person needs differ from the next.
There are many different ways to engage me as a Doula.
I offer online or in-person guidance and support.
Online sessions are helpful for those needing a little guidance to get their affairs in order.
Other services include personal support for a portion of time and full personal care for the duration of this phase, including support and space for grieving families.

Online Support

There are many things that require planning and organisation. With some guidance setting things in order will help to free up space so that it can be spent doing what is most important.
I can help to discover what needs are required and provide information to the appropriate services.
Planning for death is for everyone. Taking the time now to prepare is a loving way to ensure that your friends and family don’t have to make difficult decisions at a difficult time of their life.

Death Literacy

A long often avoided topic and not without reason. Talking about death is difficult and often brings up a lot of emotions for all involved.
I truly belive that it is important for us as people and communities to support each other in communal understanding by holding these conversations with deep listening and love.
By embracing this part of our lives we can better understand our existence and live lives that we are truly proud of. Deeply connected and full of joy and peace.


For more information please reach out:

0478 740 727

About Joya

Joya practices as a holistic health practitioner. Having run The Solstice Space for the last 5 years in Newcastle.
Joya has extensive experience as a Shiatsu, Acutonics and Reiki II practitioner as well as an EFT guide.
To be of service is a guiding light for her life and to find the precious and fleeting moments that create a life of memorable growth, love and connection for all.
Having lived a multitude of different lives within one body, Joya has been a sound editor, circus performer and nomad.
In her mind, there are no beginnings without an ending. How things end is completely in our hands.